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New York Reload Holster???

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I usually carry my 3" Kimber Ultra CDP in a Milt Sparks holster but I just acquired a pair of Springfield light weight loaded Champions. They both have Black slides and OD Green frames. One has OD Green micarta Gator Grips and the other OD Green micarta VZ320 grips. These guns beg to be carried as a pair. I have seen a holster by Bell Charter Oaks called the New York Reload. Has anyone used one? The holster positions both guns side by side with the grips facing away from each other. You can wear them as an SOB holster which I would not recomend but you can also wear them on your strong side giving you a strong side draw for one gun and a cross draw for the other. The two LW Champions together are only 5 oz. heavier than a standard steel full sized 1911.

I know this sounds crazy, but then again I sometimes carry my FN 5.7 with a spare mag for a total of 41 rounds of 2,100 fps of firepower.

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Cover Garment?

Euclidean said:
You'd need one heck of a cover garment
BANANA REPUBLIC vests COVER every occasion!

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I have two belt slides already but don't want to wear a gun on each hip. Tried it and didn't like it. Shoulder holsters are out for me as well let alone a double shoulder rig. I tried a Miami Classic and it felt like I was carrying a Ham under my arm. Couldn't stand the feeling of a Ham under both arms.

My gun belt has plastic laminated between leather so it will hold the weight of any thing I want to put on it. I am going to try the New York Reload and will report back after wearing for a couple of weeks.

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