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Found this site over on one of the truck forums I frequent and thought I would come on over. Reside in the peoples republic of Kalifornia, gun enthusiast, NRA member and so forth. No CCW (thanks Kali) but if I could I would.

I'm fairly sarcastic so if I post something that could be taken 2 ways and one of them offends you, I meant it in the other way. :biggrin:
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Welcome were a pretty friendly forum most people like it here
I use that I meant it the other way thing when dealing with women...welcome to the site!

Hi & Welcome! :unitedsta
You'll pretty much like everybody here.
We'll be sure to try and always take you the right way. :biggrin:
Welcome,and glad to have you aboard !!
Welcome BP :smile:
Welcome dude.

THere's a ton of great info in these forums. I'm stuck in the same way you are, except on the complete other coast from you. Stuck with no CCW in NJ :(

Welcome, BigPurp. Hope you enjoy the forum! :smile:
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