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Newest Addition To The Arsenal...

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So here I am at the gun shop with money to spend... and I have no idea what I want. :rolleyes:

I already have multiple guns in multiple calibers, but I want something different that I have never had before in a caliber that I have never had either. So i'm looking around and beginning to feel somewhat perplexed...when I notice THIS little gem!!

...a brand spanking new Walther PPK.

I saw this little gun in the case and it hit me, that in the back of my mind, I have always wanted one of these and just never pulled the trigger on actually buying one. So needless to say...I had to have it! Now as far as carrying it, I think it'll work fine when I'm in situations where I'm just running to the store or if I'm dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and want to carry something small AIWB. Besides...I don't have a .380 in my arsenal and I have never owned one of these before, so I'm cool with it. I think it'll be a neat little gun to shoot and keep around. Another plus...I was looking around and found a Bianchi IWB holster that I bought for my CZ82, and the PPK fits perfectly. I tried it on for appendix carry and its like they were made for each thumbs up for that as well!

I know some of you out there have one of what are your opinions?

I just got it so I haven't shot it yet, but I have a 50 round box of Magtech 95 grain FMJ and a box of 20 Critical Defense to try out and see how it functions.
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I have recent Jan 2012 prodcution .380 PPK just like yours. I am VERY happy with it, and find it to be a far superior weapon to the polymer striker/light trigger DAO weapons flooding the market right now. Mine has proven perfectly reliable with a wide varity of ammo, both ball and jhp.
It's very smart looking!

I want one. I've had a love/hate relationship with the Walther PP familiy of pistols for 30 years. Have had at least four of them, in both .32 and .380. They've all been persnickety except one Nazi marked PP in .32 ACP. Don't have one presently but will get another one day. A timeless design that never looks dated. All steel. I once would have considered these pistols to be lightweight, but when compared with the aluminum alloy and plastic creations marketed these days, the little Walthers are weighty.

Recoil is a bit harsh in .380. I actually think my wretched Kel Tech P380 has a more pleasant recoil sensation than the heavier blow-back Walther. No matter though. The Walther's recoil is still tolerable and the pistol is glorious.
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Those Walthers do have a mystique to them.

Shaken or stirred?
Very nice. The PPK is on my short list. Not sure why ... 64, blanco64
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I like it. I have often looked at those just because they are cool. I might get one someday just for the heck of it.
Very nice, I hope you really enjoy your new "range buddy" :smile:
Is your name Bond? James Bond?
Shaken...not stirred. LOL

Thanks everyone. I'm pretty happy with this little I just need to get it out and shoot it.
Recoil is a bit harsh in .380. I actually think my wretched Kel Tech P380 has a more pleasant recoil sensation than the heavier blow-back Walther. No matter though. The Walther's recoil is still tolerable and the pistol is glorious.
My sister has a PPK clone made by Astra. The recoil is surprisingly unpleasant. The narrow grip seems to focus the snap right into the ball of my thumb. My boss' compact 1911 is actually more pleasant to shoot.
I have read in the past on more than one occasion that the recoil with the PPK can be a little snappy. As long as its reliable...that is my main concern. I want to shoot it enough to keep my proficiency up with it, but I don't really see myself shooting tens of thousands of rounds through it.

I know one thing...that first DA shot is going to take some getting use too. It's pretty heavy.
Walther PPK vs. alternatives

I see that the OP has one of the newer Smith & Wesson PPKs with the larger beavertail to guard against the common PPK "slide bite" of the older versions. I've had the Interarms PPK below for about 14 years, and found it to have both pros and cons. On the pro side, the gun is attractive, well-made, very compact and has been quite reliable for me. On the con side it has a few drawbacks:

1. The DA trigger pull is quite heavy.
2. Gun is all steel, weighs 21 ounces, and is too heavy for easy pocket carry.
3. Slide bite for certain hands (but never bothered me).
4. Caliber is the somewhat weak .380.

When I have carried it I generally have used a minimal belt slide holster under a shirt worn outside the belt. It also works well as a backup gun carried in a briefcase or bag. I recently bought the Sig P238 shown next to it, and prefer the Sig because it avoids several of the "cons" listed above.

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Nice looking gun. Congrats.
You'll love your new pistol!

I've had three "PP pattern" pistols:

70's vintage Astra Constable
70's vintage Interarms Walther PPK/s
90's vintage Sig P232.

The Astra was a little bigger, and about 3 oz. heavier than the PPK/s. Basically seemed like a pretty well-built pistol, but mine had reliability issues. A buddy of mine LOVED that pistol, and desperately wanted it, warts and all. He offered me a trade I couldn't turn down, with full disclosure about the reliability problem.

I loved the PPK/s, but I did suffer from the "slide-bite" problem (I have very big hands). It did have a (very rare) FTF, but overall was very reliable. Sold it because it was too much money for me to have tied up in a gun at the time. :frown:

The P232 is my favorite of them all. Also slightly bigger than the PPK, but a bit (~3 oz.) lighter. 100% reliable, super accurate, and no slide bite. With Hogue grips, it's the sweetest shooting .380 I've ever encountered:
Firearm Gun Trigger Revolver Starting pistol

The PP design is a timeless classic! Everybody should have at least one. Enjoy yours!
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Pogo, while I really like you Sig there that Walther is just so darn classy looking. With all the small 9mm out right now i wish someone would put a 9 in that design.
Great looking pistol you have there. My mother has one that she purchased back in the 70's and it's a pretty cool little gun. Give my best to Miss Moneypenny.
I appreciate all the comments. :smile:

Years past when I would see a PPK at a gun shop, I would always ask to look at it because as mentioned previously in this thread...they are such a classy, timeless and overall sexy looking little gun that I just couldn't resist. Now that I actually have one, I'm getting a little excited about going to the range and shooting it here in just a bit.

It's thundering and about to storm outside here...but I don't really care, LOL! I have GOT to go shoot this gun! :danceban:
Give my best to Miss Moneypenny.
Maybe I should go to the range in my tux...LMAO!
I like my 1922 Walther Model 4... Got it from my FIL and will someday give it to my son... Mine is in 7.65 so the recoil is not that bad.


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