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Next Rifle Part IV

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Back from the range this morning. Ruger American Ranch 5.56 with Trijicon RMR. Wanted to see how well the rifle shoots before spending on an optic.

Early morning, 8 - 9 am, 24 degrees. Rifle was in the cold for an hour before shooting. Ammo was in the cold for an hour before shooting. Shooter was cold. Winchester Green Tip 5.56 was used.

During the latter shots at 50 yards and at 100 yards the sun was directly behind me. Significant glare on the target and the Trijicon RMR was washed out. Still with nearly 60 year old eyes this was the result, no magnification.

100 Yards...the only shots taken at that distance. String measures a hair over 2 inches.
Tree Art Gas Circle Automotive wheel system

50 Yards...glare was at the worst.
Circle Auto part Rim Composite material Audio equipment

The sight was significantly off paper to the left. About 20 - 24 inches. Took some time to figure it out at 25 yards. Once I did these were the strings and groups...
Dishware Automotive tire Circle Cookware and bakeware Automotive wheel system

Circle Font Grass Pattern Symbol

Sleeve Astronomical object Terrestrial plant Circle Art

So again, no magnification.

After this decided to try and find a Trijicon ACOG perhaps with a green triangle. Like the sight picture and with a little magnification those 50 and 100 yard groups will shrink down.
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ctr M855 is typical not that accurate as yardage increases , might be the basic 55gr M193 groups better , at least reduces the fliers at longer range . Darn good shooting still .
Conditions could be worse like with a low sun directly down range . What target !!

You might find a LPVO with ether a first or second focal plan reticle if you have a preference over an ACOG .

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Good luck .
When I was old enough I bought a 308 bolt rifle when I turned 18 . IT still has the same old bushnell 2.5-10x40mm scope on it and this was back in back in ''73 . Hunting was mainly in a heavily wood swamp know as the Fakahatchee Strand and I get got tried of watch deer on the old logging trams walk away or across the tramp at 150 yards or longer even though many might be killed at 25 feet ! I found I could easy up on the tram sit and take a well controlled long shot on a deer and watch it thru branches in the swamp while I looked for signs of age and sex . A shot might be between branches at 50 yards at times . Thats why I still run a 2.5-10 x42 nikon on my AR .

Buy your self a Boonie Packers Safari Sling . A little extra weight your concerned about will go away when you can carry your rifle at the ready across your chest or in thick cover with one hand/ arm controlling it along your side amd just lift to shoulder and fire . NO over the shoulder carry and no need to hold on to the weight of rifles all the time .

Good luck with that acog
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