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Over the years I have fired mostly .22 rifles. About this time last year I decided to get serious about self protection, as well as my wife. A great side effect of firearms is the clearing of the mind while at the range. A buddy I know told me about this site, and after some poking around, here I am. The posts are thoughtfully, and not over the top survivalist ramblings.
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Welcome THE END IS NEAR! , just kidding.
Welcome to the forum. Glad you joined us. I couldn't agree more on the survivalist ramblings. Since our topic is concealed carry, we try to keep the tin foil hat stuff at a minimum. :wink:
Like the name, Sir. Just started shooting handguns this fall. Welcome - great forum!

Another New Member.
You are very welcome here! :usflag:
I smile every time a post a welcome to a new member.:smile:
Welcome to the fold :smile:

Glad you are taking up carry and hope you will enjoy the company of like minded folks here.
Welcome Glock21guy.
You will find and lot of friendly and helpful people here.
Welcome to the Forum. BTW, the end is NOT near ... it's "nigh!" :biggrin:
Welcome to the forum...plenty of good information and thoughtful opinions, mixed with a bit of levity. Good place to be...
Welcome, come on in and have some fun!
Welcome to the forum.

Is there something wrong with wearing tinfoil hats? Musta missed that memo. Were you guys keeeping it from me? Are you all out to get me too?:biggrin2:
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