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We all know how the NICS system is supposed to work as well as the punishment for violating the application disclaimer. It is a Federal offense with some very real consequences... or are they?

In a letter from my Rep. Ron Johnson (R-WI) he had this to say.

"That's why I supported the common sense proposal from Sen. Chuck Grassley. Forty-two other Republicans and nine Democrats supported it because it would have strengthened the enforcement of our current laws. In 2010, 73,000 individuals failed the current background checks — 48,000 of them were felons or fugitives. Only 62 cases were sent to prosecutors. Only 44 were actually prosecuted. The legislation I supported would have helped put these gun-seeking criminals in jail.
In contrast, the president's attempt to pressure Americans into supporting ill-considered gun control is a classic example of Washington's misguided intrusion into our lives. If the president and his supporters were truly serious about moving in a positive direction, once their proposal failed, they would have voted for the bipartisan alternative I supported."

Not that any new law will really help, but it illuminates a very interesting conundrum:

If it's sole purpose is to prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands, in theory, then why the penalties for violating the appllication law?

Now the other side of this is to ask what about the other 34 THOUSAND denials? How many were erroneous errors? How many were legitimate denials where the individuals didn't know they were to be denied beforehand?

If these are not being taken into consideration, then what is the real purpose of the NICS system (as if we don't know) and when will others accept it's fallibility?

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