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Nightstand With Hidden Drawer

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Click On The PIC Of The Nighttand when you are on the linked page.

Somebody might need one of those. :smile:
It's a neat idea.
It EXPENSIVE but, I'll bet you could have one made locally cheaper than that if you know somebody that is into woodworking.
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That is a little pricey. I am sure a few folks with alittle woodworking skills cound do the same. But I like the design and concept.
Wonder if it has some kind of hidden catch to make sure the "secret" drawer doesn't open with the "real" one by accident? :confused:
Could be useful for some folks - tho I tend to think anything that might need ''fiddled with'' in a hurry could prejudice getting at the piece.

I'll stick to my usual - on the floor within reach of a dropped arm thru covers - very quick.
Same concept, in Cherrywood

I have a bedroom set that I bought for $1300 (queen bed w/mattresses, 2 night stands, 1 tallboy chest of drawers, and one standard chest of drawers 2/mirror)

Both nightstands, and both dressers have this "secret" drawer. They're lined with velvet. I thought they were really cool when I bought them, though it was 4 years before I got my CCW. BUT, I can't put a gun in the nightstands, because my son (4) knows that the drawer is there.

There's no way it can open with the top drawer, as there's a space between the two, just like normal drawers. If you didn't know they were there, there's no way you can find it.
Jarhead ~ Cool!

"Both nightstands, and both dressers have this "secret" drawer."

Not secret anymore though. :rofl:

Seriously....really nice.

Thanks for posting the pics.
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