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No More Hoppes #9

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I was cleaning my .300 Whisper and I ran out of Hoppes No. 9 cleaning solvent. Running out of anything in the middle of a job can be downright disgusting.:blink:

I figured the time was right to mix up some "Ed's Red" solvent, a formula that Id heard of for years but just never got around to trying. After a short forum search for the recipe that P95Carry had posted here awhile ago I printed it out and was good to go...
So...I headed to Walmart to get the right stuff.

As luck would have it, they didnt have the Type 3 transmission fluid and all they had for Turpentine was some sort of clone called "Turentine" that I didnt feel comfortable with. So, it was on to Lowes where I ended up with a quart of Turpentine and Acetone and then on to Auto Zone for the transmission fluid. Since I alread had plenty of K1 Kerosene, I was good for that.

I had a old gallon glass bottle that was dark colored that Id been keeping for some unknown reason, so it seemed like the thing to use. Using a funnel I poured each ingredient in there and shook it up.

I had wondered wherer the name "Ed's Red" came from, the fact that the whole thing turned red after adding the Transmission fluid was clue enough. After tearing down my AR to parade rest, I started dipping patches in the bottle. After figureing out that it was less than ideal with the small neck on the bottle, I ended up using the empty Hoppes No. 9 bottle as it had a bigger neck was was just the right size to dip patches in. I stashed the gallon bottle on a shelf for safekeeping. Hopefully it'll last me a year or two.

FWIW, I've seen commericial "Ed's Red" that is 6 bucks for 4 ounces, the same size that the Hoppes came in. I figured that I had about 10 bucks worth of stuff in the gallon that I made up, so its quite the deal.

The best part is that it seems to work as well as anything Ive tried and in some cases it works better. So it works and it is cheap.

If anyone out there in cyberspace had ever read about it or wondered about it, the next time you run out of gun cleaning stuff get the recipe and give it a try.

I highly reccomend it.:wave:
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I do like the smell of Hoppes better. After looking at the title...

I can see where one might panic !:aargh4:

Sorry about that...didnt mean to raise anyones blood pressure.:blink:
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