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I have a Para LTC in 9mm. It's a commander-sized 1911. I've never had a failure of any sort with it. I have 1,000+ rounds through it, use it almost weekly in IDPA, and absolutely love it. It's sights, weight and dimensions are an exact match to my SW 1911PD, which until just recently was my daily carry gun. So it was a less expensive way to train with my carry configuration.

I've also owned two SA loaded 5" 1911's in 9mm. Still kicking myself for selling them. They were great guns also.

"Trucks should only have two doors."
"Deer should only be shot with a .30-30."
"Anything other than a Harley isn't a real motorcycle."

Ignore comments like those as well as "A 1911 should only be a .45." Everyone has their preferences and biases. That doesn't make them right. There are thousands of people shooting 1911's in 9mm, .38 super, and 10mm without any issues at all.
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