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Well maybe some of you read my post about getting my Non-res permit from NH on my b-day back in August, but this past weekend I finally got to use it.
I live in MA but had to attend a wedding in Manchester, NH.
Me and my girlfriend stayed in a small hotel in Bedford, of course I brought along my M&P9c with my Supertuck.:comeandgetsome:
My girlfriend was comforted by this especially because we just watched the movie "Vacancy" a few days beforehand.:gah:
With the help of our trusty GPS we found a close by Walmart to get some snacks and such.
Everything went well, I bought a magazine(Shooting Times Personal Defense), nachos, and some Sam Adams Octoberfest( no ammo).
No one was the wiser, my non-res permit got some exercise, and we stayed safe.
The wedding also went well and I used my supertuck for the first time tucked with my suit, and I was impressed, as was my girlfriend.

As a side note, I had a brief run-in with LEO right inside my hotels parking lot. Me and my girlfriend were heading to the hotel from the wedding around 12:30-1am. I had not been drinking as I do not drink while carrying, ever. Our GPS had died, and while nearing the hotel I almost missed the entrance and turned in without using a signal. As soon as we entered the parking lot blue lights were behind me, I pulled over as I thought he was passing...but soon found out otherwise.
As he approached, I already had my dome light on, license and registration, but I did not inform of my concealed handgun, as I did do not legally have to.
He asked if I was lost, and replied honestly, "a little".
He asked a few more routine questions, etc.
He told me of the minor turn signal infraction and then ran my info back in his car.
He then shortly returned with a warning, but not before several cars full of my girlfriends' relatives past us in the parking lot:slap:
He was very polite, as I was to him, and IMO a positive experience.
He was probably watching for drunk drivers.

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Overall a good experience for you! I'm glad to see that you don't drink while carrying. And, admire your taste, Sam Adams Octoberfest is some fine brew!

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I've done the "last second turn" myself from time to time.

Kudos on the intelligent and well conducted handling of the LEO.
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