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North DFW Metroplex fun shops?

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Sorry if this is in the wrong place; wasn't sure where else to put it.

I'm headed to Frisco (130 miles one-way) on an errand for my wife, and while I'm there, I'd like to waste a few minutes browsing in a decent gun shop (what she don't know won't hurt me...). Anyone in the DFW area know of such a place, preferably one that has reloading equipment as well?

I'm leaving now, so if you have a suggestion, please email me, and I'll get it on my phone: wes[at]weskenney[dot]net

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Doc's is just east of 35 on Keller Springs/Sandy Lake. It is in a little house about a block off east of 35 on the north side of Keller Springs/Sandy Lake.

SPS is east of 35 at the corner of Beltline and Josey Lane.

They are both good little shops. Both have some reloading supplies but not a lot.
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