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Not Another C. C. Badge Thread

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My intention is NOT to start up yet another Concealed Carry Badge Topic.
I sure don't want to open up that stale can of rehashed worms again.
I just wanted to let you all know that there is a Fed Law concerning the use/possession of Badges by Non~LEO.
Here it is:
Federal Law (HR 4827, Law #106-547), pertaining to badge possession,
collecting, and use...went into effect on 12/19/2000.
This law makes the shipping, possession, and use of Police badges and Police badge replicas a crime if they are used for any purpose other than the following:
(1) as a memento, or in a collection or exhibit;
(2) for decorative purposes;
(3) for a dramatic presentation,such as a theater, film, or television production; or
(4) for any other recreational purpose.

So it's still a vague area and gray law on the Fed Books as to if a Concealed Carry Badge could be interpreted as a Police Replica Badge and if carrying one your person is a recreational use.
Especially if you were to use it for any type of action that could possibly be construed or misconstrued as a Police Type Action.
The law seems to be just fuzzy enough that if somebody really wanted to give you a hard time over it they for sure could do it.
I am Best Guessing that flashing a CCW badge after you were involved in a justified self~defense shooting would probably not be considered a recreation use of that badge in court.
Anyway I posted this just for the forum record & you can interpret it any way you wish & reach your own conclusion.

I am going to lock this thread since I'm allowed to do it. :~)