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Not another calibre debate.. really...

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FMJ vs JHP vs EFMJ. I ask because I honest couldn't tell you. From what I have seen, they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

1)FMJ penetrates, sometimes overly so.
2)JHP expands, making the bullet bigger, but not always.
3)EFMJ is a mix between FMJ and JHP, but can expand prematurely, making underpenetration possible.

Please discuss.
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Why don't you put forward an opinion instead of asking us to discuss something with no basis. Is there one you prefer, and why?
Me thinks people overthink this stuff. Some people switch carry loads with the seasons. 125 in summer, 158 in winter, etc. Some people stack different loads in their mags. Others want high velocity, others want mass inertia. Still others want hollow points with those plastic thingys in the middle that look cool and are supposed to stop denim and other clothing from preventing expansion.

I think that is all fine, but in the end, should you ever have to use your weapon, it probably won't make a bit of difference.

In some of my guns I have Remington Golden Sabers in .38. In others I have Gold Dots in .357. I carry the gold dots in one of my .357's because a dude threw in a package when I bought a 686 off of him.

I looked at the Gold Dots. They look like really mean .357's. I looked at the Golden Sabers. They look like really mean .38's. I have a bunch of other ammo, too. Semi-jacketed HP's, Semi-jacketed soft points, etc. To be honest I probably wouldn't think much about it if I were carrying any one of the plinking ammo either. All will ventilate a bad guy if I do my part.

Just some advice you didn't pay for and you can value as you see fit.
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Historically 9mm sucks with fmj for sd. And .357 mag seems most effective against 2 leg critters with 125 grain sjhp.
Other than that fmj or jhp in the other service size calibers doesnt really worry me that much. Ill carry jhp if I have it. Ball if I dont. Either will get it done. Feed reliability with whatever in semi auto is a concern with some pistols not so much with others.
Grab some basic quality JHP and call it good. That's what you'll end up doing 6 months down the road anyways when the novelty of trying to decipher which round is best wears off :smile:.
From what I've heard, the .45 will take down anyth--

Oh sorry, I saw "caliber debate" and got confused.

I go with efmj on .40. May trade to jhp

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It's a easy answer for me. In 9mm and up it's JHP all day long. Below 9mm it's FMJ. I like the idea of EFMJ, but until they come up with a good mix of penetration to go along with the expansion, they can keep the stuff.
Carry JHP and practice with FMJ.
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Carry JHP and practice with FMJ.
When I carried a 357 I practiced with FMJ 38Special. When I carried for SD every other round was 38Special, 357JHP and so on. Now I carry a 380 with JHP and practice with FMJ.
Same here...have 4 different mags..loaded with .45 JHP , and FMJ. Before considering JHP as my primary SD round, went thru 150 of them...painful. $ spent, but I want reliability when it need it. All fired fine..Federal Hi Shok 230 gr. FMJ feed all the time. Home protection, I stagger the rounds... SD, JHP 230 grain. Kimber Ultra Carry II. Polished as a mirror.
Actually got it to reliably fire semi wad cutters which almost fail every time in my Glock 30 SF, that is before I polished the feed ramp.
Shoots like a champ.
Carry JHP and practice with FMJ.
Carry JHP once it's proved feed and eject.
From what I've heard, the .45 will take down anyth--

Oh sorry, I saw "caliber debate" and got confused.

I think you we're right anyway. Throw enough diameter and weight down range and who cares what the design is?
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I carry .38 Gold dots in my snubnose and and .357 hydrashocks in my full size revolvers.

I carry Gold dots in my 9mm's
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