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Not Much To Hold Onto BUT,

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Very Easy To Conceal. :biggrin2:
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Dang QK - that looks more like my special effort which I photshopped!!!

In fact that too has been ''tweaked'' - no room for mainspring housing and grip safety!!! Bet you had something to do with that :evil: :18:

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Actually I Didn't Photo Shop It

Looks like the grip safety (or what't left of it is just being used as a filler & of course is inactive.
The grp safety is really not necessary anyway.
The hammer stut must be Mighty Damn Short.
I guessing it "Could" work chopped that short.
I'd like to see the internal parts.

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A guy I know has one cut down to a 5 round mag and a 3" barrel. He doesn't even know why he did it, just to see if it would work. (No, it's not a Colt, it's some old frame he got from Gun Parts back when they had cheap ones). It is interesting looking..... he was working on an ankle holster for it.
Pretty much all display though. It feeds ok - sometimes - like during full moons and low humidity.
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