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Not real likely I'll carry it, but....

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...I got one of the hard-to-find versions of the Sig 226 I didn't have today when it came in as a "we found it in the back" gun from the Sig factory.

To start this off, no, I only got one. No, I can't get more. Yes, I'm shooting it.

I came in to do my afternoon orders at the shop today and the owner surprised me with a box from Sig. I'd always wanted a 226 Navy to go with my collection of other 226s, and getting one in without a NSW prefix was a bonus in my book. Not surprisingly, I went into customer mode and filled out the paperwork quickly. ;0

Like other navy contract overrun guns, it's got the phosphated internals, came with three 15 round phosphated magazines (non-LE marked), and the U serial prefix - it may be the highest I've seen mentioned though.

Hopefully it shoots as well as my others, but that'll wait for another day.

Now if I can only find a non-railed version to go with it. It's nice to have as close to a real issue gun as I can get.
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Shucks Robert - you lucky dog :wink: And there is the anchor too.

Great find and I am dead certain it will be a great shooter - gotta be surely :smilez: I am trying to sublimate my jealousy!
Beautiful. Nice find. I can see why you wouldn't pass on that. Enjoy it.
Don't own a Sig, but if I had your luck I would have many. Great find. I wish I could find one.
Congrats on the find!
nice, even had the Navy logo on the barrel
Sweet gun, and nice find!:congrats:
how do you avoid bankruptcy working in a gun store???
God Bless
Super Nice Minty Collectible NAVY SIG:yup:
Wanna sell it?:biggrin2:
Nice catch!! Have fun with it!!
Sigs are made to shoot, then again that's a really nice one!

Nice Sig! What a find!
Beautiful piece! I imagine you are still trying to put your eyes back in their sockets after seeing that on the counter! :hand5:
frankmako said:
Don't own a Sig, but if I had your luck I would have many. Great find. I wish I could find one.
Really? We have two in stock, they are not hard to find. Tomlinson's Shooting Supplies, 260-693-2830
Nice find! I'm not a huge Sig fan but I'd pick that up if able. After all, it has my anchor on it! :image035:
I definitely love my SIGs... Awesome find!
Im Sooo Drooling!!!!!, Enjoy it!!!!!
so do they just take a small portion of you paycheck each time or what? Or do they send you a bill instead of a paycheck?
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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