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Well as forum regulars may know I've a new GP100 owner, and my BUG has long been my 642.

I've only had the GP100 maybe a week and halfish but I've already started to experiment with it. I had Mika's custom holsters make me a pocket holster for it. That's right, a pocket holster for a GP100.

See thing is, my snubnose grips normally peek a little bit out of my pocket anyway. I compensate by covering with my shirt tail. With the holster, the GP100 rides almost entirely in the pocket except for the grip. I have to take pains to conceal the grip with my shirt tail, but that's not too hard. It's a great and easy method for quick, casual carry.

I wouldn't want to try it in anything other than jeans, but I'll be dipped if this doesn't work. The holster is what makes this work. I don't think another holster could be used.

It's kind of weird carrying what is a full size revolver in a respectable caliber as the BUG but I've been toying around with it and it works.

I'm telling ya, this 3" barreled wonder just keeps finding applications for itself.
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