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NR CCW Chart

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I've created a very basic Non Resident CCW chart created on
'97 MS Word.

For some reason, I am not able to load it as a document to a thread.

If anyone would like to have a copy of it, please email me at:

[email protected]

and place "CCW chart" in the subject box.

If you would, please double check my work and send me the results of any errors, as well as any recommendations.

Remember, this is a chart of non resident CCWs.
Consequently, the states of Florida, West Virginia, Michigan, South Carolina and New Hampshire might cause some confusion to some.

IANAL, so do not take this chart at face value without verifying the information for yourself.

The purpose of the chart is a one look guide to determining have and needs for CCW in various states, outside of home state reciprocity and recognition.
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Good Work!

Thanks so much for the work you did to produce this chart. It makes it really easy to track, and to figure out a strategy for the best non-res CCWs to get to complement my state.

Thanks again - it's great!

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