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NRA calling for boycott of ConocoPhillips

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IDABEL - The National Rifle Association began a national campaign on Monday to boycott ConocoPhillips, in response to the energy giant's attempt to block a state law that prevents employers from firing workers who keep guns in their vehicles parked on company lots.
"Across the country, we're going to make ConocoPhillips the example of what happens when a corporation takes away your Second Amendment rights," NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said Monday. He was in southeastern Oklahoma for a rally to support employees fired by Weyerhaeuser Inc. for keeping guns stored in vehicles parked at work.

"If you are a corporation that's anti-gun, anti-gun owner or anti-Second Amendment, we will spare no effort or expense to work against you, to protect the rights of your law-abiding employees. Their rights are worth more than your money."

Calls to ConocoPhillips for comment were not immediately returned.

After the firings at Weyerhaeuser, the Oklahoma Legislature passed a bill to prevent such terminations. ConocoPhillips filed a federal lawsuit to block the measure.

The energy company has more than 3,100 employees in Oklahoma, the majority working at the company's refinery in Ponca City.

"ConocoPhillips went to federal court to attack your freedom," LaPierre said. "Now freedom is going to fire back!"

The NRA executive called on gun owners and consumers to boycott all Conoco and Phillips 66 products, and asked Conoco and Phillips 66 retailers to urge the corporation to withdraw the federal lawsuit.

In addition, LaPierre said the NRA Civil Defense Fund was fighting in court to get the Weyerhaeuser workers reinstated.

"Idabel, Oklahoma is a new Concord Bridge," LaPierre said. "Our forefathers didn't run from the Redcoats in 1775 and we're not going to run from the corporations in 2005."
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I e-mailed them 2 weeks ago about it and told them that "until they get on the right side of freedom and withdraw their lawsuit", my family and I will take our business elsewhere.
So far, I have only received a form letter in return saying, "Thanks for your comments, they have been forwarded to the appropriate personnel".
Their address is [email protected]

Good luck. :smile:
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