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NRA LaPierre. Video of his speach today on the 2A! Worth a watch!

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My Comments: Regardles of what side of the political side you fall, if you care about your 2A Rights, watch this. His arguments are good for us to spread.

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Great speech and they do much good. But they tend to give authority to those who have none on issues by arguing the talking points instead of pointing out they have no authority to pass anything and are breaking the law and their oath by doing so.

2a says what it says and simply standing on that repeatedly over and over and not backing off of it is what we need to be doing. The law is on our side. Our Constitution. 2A. We need to stand on that, hammer the antis with it and our reps with it and not back off that point. Ever.
Watch him live on this morning. A good speech and pretty much the talking points for the NRA for the last couple of months. The problem is that the left-leaning gun-grabbers are completely deaf to this message. We can only hope that people who are on the fence on gun control begin to see the logic and rightness in his argument.
Ironically, while LaPierre was making this speech, the Snohomish County, WA sheriff was actually following his advice from December and adding to the armed patrols of public schools...but nobody is complaining about THAT!

It's a good speech.

Snohomish County follows NRA advice as LaPierre scores at CPAC

Three months after the Sandy Hook tragedy in Connecticut, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office launched a new program today that sounds almost exactly like the solution to school attacks offered in December by the National Rifle Association.

Snohomish County follows NRA advice as LaPierre scores at CPAC - Seattle gun rights |

and meanwhile....

PI’s Connelly wrong: Gun owners also victims of ‘acceptable prejudice’

PI?s Connelly wrong: Gun owners also victims of ?acceptable prejudice? - Seattle gun rights |
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