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grnzbra said:
This is what Sara and her Million Toadies would call a "symbolic victory".So the court ordered the confiscation to stop and the guns to be returned. What's to stop it the next time? Without punitive damages or, better yet, jail time, they'll do it all over again and the NRA will sue and win and the confiscated guns will be returned etc, etc, etc. But in the meantime, Americans will be disarmed during the time when they could most be expected to desperately need their guns. Over and over again.

+1 No one responsible for the confiscation will suffer any kind of concequences. They may throw out a token scapegoat to protect there collective political backsides. The type of "super police" that would carry out this kind of policy will not even have any guilt for the harm they may have caused by disarming law abiding citizens. And it will happen all over again.

I really hope I am wrong.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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