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The following was forwarded to my attention by a friend who is a retired NY state LEO and happens to be one of my own favorite combat arms instructors.

This is applicable to LEOs only and do distribute widely as you deem appropriate and relevant.



The New York State Police-on-Police Shootings Task Force needs your help. We are asking current and former sworn law enforcement officers to share their experiences with police-on-police confrontations that either resulted or nearly resulted in a shooting. Specifically, we are interested in encounters where an officer – whether undercover, plainclothes, off-duty or uniformed – is confronted by another officer or officers and mistaken for a suspect.

Should I Take This Survey?
You should complete this survey if you work, or have worked, as a sworn law enforcement officer in an agency of local, state, federal government, or special jurisdiction (such as a railroad, college or university, or other agency).

Am I Required To Take This Survey?
No. Your participation is voluntary. No one, including your direct supervisors, can compel you to participate in this survey, or to provide contact information for follow-up purposes.
What Kinds of Questions Will I Be Asked? You will be asked to describe in your own words what you experienced in up to three police-on-police confrontations that you were involved in. Whether you were the confronted officer or the challenging officer, your observations about the incident are vital information for the Task Force.
In addition to this, many law enforcement agencies and individual officers have developed effective strategies to address confrontation situations. The survey also asks you to identify those strategies so that we can gain a better understanding of how confrontations occur. We particularly want to hear your own ideas and suggestions regarding how to prevent these types of incidents.

How Long Will It Take Me to Complete the Survey?
The survey should take about 30 minutes to complete, on average. However, depending on how much detail you provide about your experiences, though, you may want to take more time.

What If I Need More Time to Complete the Survey?
If it is not practical for you to complete the survey in one sitting, click on "Save and Continue" at the top right of any page. You will be asked to provide an email address and a link to your survey will be sent to this address. The email address you provide will not be saved or used for any other purpose. Clicking the link to your survey in the email will take you to the beginning of the survey. Use the "Next" button at the bottom of each page to review your saved responses and move to where you left off.

Will I Be Required to Identify Myself, My Agency, or Other Individuals Involved?
Absolutely not. Your responses to the survey are anonymous and the names of individuals or agencies are not required. However, you will be given the opportunity to voluntarily provide minimal contact information if you would like to have a follow-up telephone interview with Task Force research staff. If you choose to supplement your survey responses in this manner, your privacy will also be preserved.

How Will My Responses Be Used?
This survey is intended only to inform the Task Force about the problems that it has been asked to address. It is not administered in conjunction with any inquiry of culpability for civil or criminal investigations. As previously stated, your participation is anonymous and your responses will be treated with sensitivity. The information you provide will be used to advance more responsive procedures, training and technology that will help to ensure the safety of all police officers and the public at large.

Police-on-Police Confrontations Survey
- Janq

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The information you provide will be used to advance more responsive procedures, training and technology that will help to ensure the safety of all police officers and the public at large.

Now they are going to take guns from LEO to make the world safer. If need help you will have to call a gangbanger.

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I can give them quite a list, but they all occurred a long time ago.
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