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Hope this bill becomes law (everywhere would be nice!)

Being a native New Yorker, though I haven't been there for more than a few brief visits in decades, I'd like to see this pass. Those of you still there really need to get the grass roots support cranked up.

Here in Virginia I just learned that Virginia Beach requires folks wanting a permit to bring in their DD-214, Military Discharge form, to prove they weren't dishonorably discharged. While it's true that a dishonorable discharge bars a person from getting a CCW in Virginia, this is the only place I've heard of that's trying this.

I sent an e-mail about it to the VP of the Virginia Citizen's Defense Leage (VCDL), a very strong pro-CCW organization here. He replied right back that it's Virginia Beach's attempt to forcibly acquire the person's SSAN, which ISN'T mandatory on the state application. He thought they'd stopped this particular ruse.

I found out about it because I was checking on CCW policies at a couple of places I have to visit in Virginia Beach. One is an LE training center, which I'll assume is no sweat because we're legal to carry in police stations, state parks, and even in the State House.

The other I checked on by calling them. It's a National Guard base in Virginia Beach, Camp Pendleton. The first call returned to me said there was NO policy about weapons on the base and since I have a CCW permit, go right ahead! The second call back was from the Civilian in charge of the base who asked why I'd even want to carry a weapon! I politely explained about driving for hours, staying in hotels in unfamiliar towns, etc. And I told him since the base is a STATE facility, not federal, and since CCW is legal in state facilities including state parks and even the state house, I didn't really think it'd be a problem and he finally stopped me and said I had "permission"!

I don't know if he was persuaded or exhausted... But I got what I needed.

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