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Finalized - great! Congrats OK folks -


Today, Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry (D) signed HB 2615, the NRA-backed
"Castle Doctrine" self-defense bill, into law.

"I want to thank Governor Brad Henry for signing this victims' rights
bill into law," said NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox. "When
you're confronted by a criminal, you don't have the luxury of time.
This bill states that if victims choose to stand their ground and fight,
their decision will not be second-guessed by the State of Oklahoma. The
ability to protect yourself, your children, or your spouse from harm is
important, whether you're in your home or outside."

HB 2615 simply states that if a criminal breaks into your home, your
occupied vehicle or your place of business, you may presume he is there
to do bodily harm and you may use any force necessary against him. It
also removes the "duty to retreat" if you are attacked in any place you
have a legal right to be.

Further, HB 2615 provides protection from criminal prosecution and civil
litigation for those who defend themselves from criminal attack. The
"Castle Doctrine" bill met with overwhelming, bipartisan support,
passing 96-2 in the state House and 83-4 in the Senate. Oklahoma joins
eight other states that have signed similar legislation into law this
legislative cycle.

"On behalf of all NRA members in Oklahoma, I want to thank Governor Brad
Henry for signing this important bill into law. I'd also like to thank
the bill's chief sponsors, Representative Kevin Calvey (R-94) and
Senator Harry Coates (R-28), for their leadership in passing this vital
measure," concluded Cox. "The 'Castle Doctrine' bill is about putting
the law back on the side of the victim, the way it's supposed to be."
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