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Okay I just have to ask, whats this about Wally World?

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Just got my PA permit and started cruising the boards to learn the wisdom of those that have been packing for some time. I see ref's to wally world being the first trip. What's up with this, oh wise ones?
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Packing - welcome from another Keystone state dude :smilez:

Haha - this has really just developed over time here and is all to do with that ''first time out'' when packing. We know how early on the piece feels like a 1 ton anchor which we are sure the whole world can see - and we want to check, adjust, shuffle and squirm - but have to resist.

I guess we have come up with the Wally World as a first test really - baptism of fire - launch into the crowded large store and discipline self to be cool - and not expect alarms to go off on way in or out! :wink:

The addition of Natchos is optional - not even sure where they originated but - a stop over at Mickey D's within if there - is also to be recommended - sit and eat while packing - and again stay cool.

Once this test is over - stage one is complete and folks can move on to bigger and better things :smilez:

All in fun - and it's become here anyways - the de facto start to CCW career! LOL.
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The other thing about Wally World is that it puts you in a public place carrying a concealed weapon. You go buy your ammo. Then depending on the food concession you have nachos or some other kind of fast food and sit down and eat it. You have to remind yourself not to keep checking the weapon and not to keep trying to adjust it.

One of the great lessons learned from the Wally World trip is that most people aren't paying any attention to you. You are there in a mass of humanity and the vast majority of them could not care less that you are there. The first time we go somewhere carrying a concealed weapon we naturally believe that everybody is watching us and noticing that we are carrying. We tend to think that there is a big sign over our head flashing the words "He is carrying a concealed weapon." We know better, but we have this fear anyway.

Walking into Wally World among all those people and buying ammo- horrors isn't that a give away? No. Then buying something to eat and sitting down in front of everybody and eating it - only to discover that people are coming and going, talking and buying, and have not noticed you nor your concealed weapon. You may run into someone you know and guess what they don't notice either.

Going to Wally World in the initiation into the Concealed Carry Fraternity. It is also an immersion into society while carrying, and it is the first step toward being comfortable carrying. After that trip it is a lot easier the next time you go outside the house with a concealed weapon. You quickly become adapted to the environment and you don't feel self-conscious about having a .45 or 9mm handgun on your hip.

Go to Wally World, pick up your ammo, eat your nachos and come back and tell us about it.


George - added some spacing to get para's - easier to read :smilez: Chris

Thanks, Chris. My thoughts were coming too fast and I did not go back and edit the text as is my usual habit. I just answered this same question last night for my wife. She saw a message that said something about going to Wally World and asked what it was all about. When I started typing in this answer all that I said last night came flooding in and it's a wonder that any of it was readable. I was surprised when I looked back just a minute ago and saw periods and capital letters in places.
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My first time carrying was at Wal-mart, and I didn't even know it was a tradition at the time.
go to the range and shoot. shoot, shoot, and shoot some more. then find a way to carry your gun. this will take some work. you might have to buy new pants/shirts/many holsters to make this work. but work on this. your gun in the car or back home is no good to you. have your gun on you when you exit your home.
Your gun in the car or back home is no good to you. Have your gun on you when you exit your home.
Frank - you are my kind of LEO - sound advice which of course I endorse and carry out personally.
Welcome aboard! Nice to know there is another Keystone carrier.

I see you have "PA and MD" listed as your area. Live in PA, work in MD? Or vice versa? I'm right on the PA/MD line also. I would like to carry in MD but looks like that's nigh onto impossible. I rarely go to MD because of that. I've gotten so used to carrying everywhere in the short time since I got my CCW that I really feel vulnerable without that comforting weight of the firearm.

Welcome from another Pennsylvanian.
Carry it, shoot it, enjoy it.
I did the Wally World thing too, 1st trip out. Second trip I did it cocked and locked.
Welcome from Washington State.

WW has kinda morphed into a tradition. I've been carrying since before they came to town, but once the inevitable happened and they showed up, I still had to go and buy a box of the white stuff.

Distant thought...I wonder what the Wally World execs would think if they ever learned of this...hmmmm.
Another one that was initiated at Wally World. Add to all of the above reasons, WalMart welcomes you while carrying concealed. If you accidently expose or print with your gun, they probably won't freak out.... :yup:
found my trip to wally world verry intence last week now i feel nekid if i leave with out my side arm took my sons to school last week and i wasnt going to be gone but mabey five minutes then come home and nap so i didnt take my side arm man i felt uncomfortable with out it grows on ya kinda fast i found out
Boy Do I Feel Old

Back when I started packing daily I had never even heard of Wally World and natchos were not invented yet. :biggrin2:
The Wally World execs would probably be very happy to hear this as it means their store is the safest place around. Especially if the criminals knew it. My first trip out was to WW and then across the street to Costco. Bet Wally World is sorry they don't sell guns anymore at least in my area just ammo.

Anyways congrats on your CCW from California. And remember you either always carry or you never carry. (Barring places you can't legally carry)

Also, you will learn more here than anywhere else on the web, these cats have character.
Add me to the list of first timers going to Wal Mart. Felt more comfortable that weapon was truly concealed when a uniformed officer came walking up next to me and just picked an item off the shelf, smiled and went on his way.
Hi Packing....welcome.
Well thank you all. I appreciate all the congrats and welcomes and great advice.

It all makes sense now. The WW initiation probably does help put a lot of new CCWs more at ease with their new abilities and responsibilities. Plus you get the opportunity to eat and pick up ammo.

LibertyGal - You hit it right on. It is one of those work things. The evil mortgage, car, credit card, etc. companies says they want money each month so I must journey between the two states. Wth the MD gun laws I will only be safe in PA, but until I can pay off all those folks (the credit companies, not politicians) I will only be able to carry part time.

Nachos or Mickey D's? The french fry grease or the nacho cheese on your fingers??? Since the purpose of WW trip is to get comfortable with not checking your weapon, it probably does not matter, but could be an interesting new thread. FF oil or cheese oil, which is less harmful to the finish of your piece of choice. The best answer is not eating with your normal firing hand.

Thanks to all responded. Time to surf and learn some more.

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welcome Packing
Steven - not sure when it was - back last year anyways - I did a thread IIRC on dealing with ''slippery hands'' - having had that thought while attacking a huge chunk of chicken at a KFC!

Something to bear in mind anyways.
It may be coincidence...Wally World(Although most of us hate the corporate giant) has everything....we can't help but to go there. In the words of Rodney Carrington, "You go in for diapers and come out with $300 worth of $#%@!"
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