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old-dog from LA

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Hello to all.

Finally made it out of the left coast -- left the rectum of the world -- LA!!!

Now happily ensconced in Florida!!!

Feels like a breath of fresh air being here--ads for guns actually in the newspapers, great CC laws, etc.

Will be packing soon as I revamp my inventory, free-up some $ and make some decicisions on weapons. Tending toward P9 Covert and 2 inch 640.

Don't have a lot of gun handling experience. Some as a kid, a few years peacetime Navy and Marine Corps and several years using various LA area ranges. Grew up during WW II and have memories of what it was really like when we all pulled together and how we blasted the living hell out of the BGs. Stands me in good stead for CC and the current leftist driven anti-gun and anti-war imbroglio.

Great site - am impressed with the level of discussion - hope to contribute from time to time.
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Welcome old-dog

Well, you're living in a new place & you found a new forum filled with great folks. You'll make some new friends here. Ads for guns are in your newspaper -AND...soon you'll have your license to carry! Life is good again!:unitedsta
Thanks for registering.
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Old Dog - welcome to you :smile:

Glad you managed the relocation and hope you'll find the company here useful and to your taste.

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I lived in the valley (SFV) for 25 years after having been on the west side for four. Originally a midwestener.
At first liked the area but it got increasingly hard to take in the last 15 years or so.
Don't have a good fix on South Bay, was that around Long Beach?
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