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Been carrying for over 40 years in both OC and CC.

Yesterday there were two things that took place that really was unusual but nice and never happened before.

I was OCing in a local Walmart store and a middle aged lady came up to me and asked how I liked the gun I was wearing. I told her I loved it. Then she told me that she wished everyone would openly carry and if they did, she feels the crime rate would drop. We had a rather long conversation about her husband and son. The husband does OC but he does not want a concealed permit. She wants him to get one. Her 23 yr old son only wants to carry (her words) "a long black gun" as he goes around with this friends and she worries it might cause him problems. He does have a concealed permit. She is thinking about getting a permit but does not feel comfortable doing open carry herself.

Later in the afternoon I was putting gas in my truck and an old man (really old since he is older than me) came up to shake my hand. He said he loves to carry openly and has never had a second of trouble doing so and wanted to thank me for doing so. He gave me his phone number if I ever wanted to go shooting with he and his wife on their farm.

I have had people ask me about my gun before as well as my job. Not once have I had people thank me for OCing and start conversations based on OC.
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