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On the road to Concealed Carry (finally)!

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Living in the 'boonies' has many advantages, except when something is required by government.

As many of you know, in KY to get a concealed carry permit, you first need to take the required class room instruction (of course with the correct $$) and wait. After waiting for the certificate to come in the mail, it gets taken to the local sheriff's office (with the correct $$) and it gets mailed to the State Police.

I have had a heck of a time trying to get the first step done, that is the required training course. There have not been any close ones, except one time and I was not able to take it.

Well, I finally completed hurdle #1 this past Saturday. :danceban:

I took the training class with eleven other luck folks. Now comes the wait for the certificate and then the state wait.

I'll keep you all posted and already have my Wally World Walk map ready to go!!!

Can't wait....

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Hey, congrats! The first step is usually the hardest.
nice what part of NE KY are you... Im boone county and I hear ya on that first part being the hardest
Thanks for the encouragement...

Rangerman, I live in the sprawling countryside of Lewis County (near the Ohio river). Just not close to anything.

Hopefully the state can move it through in fewer than 60 days.

I know Alabama doesn't have the best of everything - but - I am thankful that in Mobile, Alabama - Avg wait is 20 min's and cost $20 for walk in and out with permit in hand. No days to wait - just 20 min's; Well, depending on the line - might be 45 min's to an hour some days if the line's long.
Well congrats on getting to take the class finally. :bier:
I too had a hard time due to the type of job i had at the time & could not scheduale a class very far in advance. :mad:
Now you just have to try & be patient until it arrives :hand5:
Congrats on getting the ball rolling.

It took me 6 months from step one to get mine. You will more than likely NOT have this issue. For some reason, I kept having issues at almost every step of the process.

I had to write the review board in the last step to explain a certain youthful "indiscretion", but ended up getting it.:hand5:

It is totally worth the trouble. The peace of mind is great.

Hang in there!
Well you're almost there. FL used to take 3-4 they have regional offices that can narrow down the wait to 2-3 weeks.

Living in the boonies though, is still worth it.:image035:
Congrats, one step closer. Hang in there, it's worth it in the end.:smile:
Everyone's encouragement is greatly appreciated!!

I guess I can finally go IWB holster shopping. I have been putting it off until I was on the 'road'.

On a funny note, I had the concealed carry booklet just sitting on my desk at work. I had a drug rep in my office and he reached in his pocket and proudly showed me his certificate that he had just got in the mail after completed the training. He had just mailed everything in for his permit. A nice suprise...

Later in the day, the person that we deal with for patients needing oxygen was in. He too saw the book and lifted his shirt tail to show me his Kimber .45.

Meeting two previously unknown CC'ers: PRICELESS!!

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its amazing what you start seeing when you start carrying yourself.. Also evilmonk I see ur NKY too whereabouts!!
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