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One-Way Bullet Proof Glass

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This is TOO KEWL! I'd love to get some of this stuff for my next 4x4! (Dream Machine) (More realistic)
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Ex - I can see great potential for this - instance armored trucks like Brinks, security booths, bank tellers glass - lot of potential if the product does what it says properly.

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Actually, if it can be had at a reasonable price, I see lots of civilian applications. As I said, it'd be great for my next 4x4. Imagine a New Orleans scenario and rampant looting or rioting. OR you're in a strange city, get loast and wind up in the wrong area of town. More tourists are killed this way every year than are killed in accidents...almost. Heck they even named a BAND in Florida Dead German Tourists a few years ago.....
I Want!
Make sure it's installed properly!
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