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Online Sale Opportunity for Makers of Add On Products for The BackUp

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Home BackUp Protection LLC, makers of the innovative Bed Side Gun Rack would like to offer you opportunity to sell your add on products ONLINE.

The BackUp is a beside gun rack that gives you quick access to your self protection shot gun in case of a Home Invasion. When using The BackUp, you can easily reach your shotgun without turning your back to the intruder, running to the closet to find your weapon, or fumbling under the bed looking for your weapon.

We, the makers of The BackUp know that you have a number of ideas, which could help us make the BackUp more useful to the homeowner concerned about self-protection. Therefore we would like to offer you the opportunity to design, promote and sell your add-on product. We will give qualified add on products, free web space to sell your add-on.

What you get.
  1. Free web space to post and sell your product.
  2. A link (with a description of your product) from our web site to your web page.
  3. Help setting up your web page.

What you need to do.
  1. Buy one gun rack from us (The BackUp)
  2. Design an add-on product. (A specialized holster, a latch, a switch that turns on lights etc.)
  3. Submit a photo and a description of your product.
  4. Proof that it is not infringing on a patent.
  5. Proof that you can manufacture and deliver your product. We can connect to various factories to help you manufacture your product.
  6. A PayPal or merchant account that gives you the ability to accept payments.
  7. A statement from you saying that you take full responsibly for shipment, delivery and use of your product.
Please make sure you date all correspondence. Identical products will be chosen on a first come first served basis or upon the proof of the ability to provide the product. We believe in the BackUp and would like to make it useful to more people. Together, we can do this. Let’s work together and make homes safer.

A. John Peters
Home BackUp Protection LLC
[email protected]