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Or was that gas?

With the re-assignment of Janet In-Comp-A-Ton-O to be the President of the University of California, what is her legacy? The one that puts my undies in a bind is Operation Vigilant Eagle. Here is the WSJ article describing how we veterans are classified as "Domestic Terrorist" by DHS: Veterans a Focus of FBI Extremist Probe -

Now I'm questioning if DHS has taken on "contractors" for this Operation as well as others: Vigilant Eagle

The owners are: Elysium Concepts, LLC Of course not related to the new Matt Damon movie. I guess Orwell time is finally coming!

PS - New rumor, Janet In-Comp-A-Ton-O last act was to give UC Berserkley a grant for future purchases and store all the surplus ammunition DHS is buying!
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