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Opinions on Carrying 'in pocket'

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Hi Everybody!

I was wondering if I could get some opinions (pro or con) regarding concealed pocket carry (coat, etc) without a holster. I'm thinking a small handgun like the .32 Beretta. I would just like some wisdom and input on this.

(If this has been addressed recently in a post, please forgive me!)

Thanks in advance!:image035:
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Depends on the pocket and what else may be in it.

I know someone who did that until they dropped their gun out of the coat pocket one day. That sucked.

You certainly don't want anything else in that pocket with the gun.

Just to be safe I use the $8 Uncle Mikes pocket holster. Works well for me and I "feel better" about pocket carry with it. However I have carried short term in a pocket. I have a pocket in my motorcycle jacket that has a retention strap that I carry my Sig P228 in when I ride. It's a perfect fit for that gun and nothing else goes in that pocket though.

Your choice really. If you feel safe and secure with it, then go for it. I know the latest CCW Magazine had an article on jeans made for pocket carry.

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BH - two things mainly, no perhaps three, all inter-related.

First - size of pocket - naturally. If coat, jacket, or hoodie with big front pocket then it's easy. If pants then pocket needs to be generous IMO - a patch (cargo) type pocket works best IMO.

Then equally naturally, gun size - and also IMO a PPK type semi is about as large as may be practical. Small KT semi's, R9, maybe even up to bersa and J frame. Weight tho can be a problem - depending.

Third is having a rig to suit - something to mask outline, protect from lint - and which will stay in pocket on the draw, which should not be too awkward.


Oh and - afterthought - remember, one thing about a revo - it can be fired from and thru a pocket, which a semi will not like after shot #1!!!
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My opinion is I wouldn't do it for safety reasons. Buy a pocket holster, they are not that expensive and will keep you from having an ND and giving the anti's something to scream "I told you so" about. I am not interested in hearing that , are you?

You represent yourself as well as all CHL holders across America, I wouldn't free float in a pocket for an extended time, such as all day carry. I have however free floated pocket carried to transport to and from places to keep the weapon out of site but well aware it was there.

Sometimes when we carry all day everyday we almost forget we are packing as it becomes second nature so to me an unprotected CCW is NOT a good idea.

I can only offer you "Con's" with this one, Sorry!

I'm on a budget (yea - it stinks) but I still have pocket holsters for the pocket guns: printing, safety, lint, and minimizes "fall out" risk. Nothing fancy - but they do work well.
I pocket carry without a holster in the proper coat that can conceal my gun safely ( meaning gun won't fall out ). I have been carrying my S&W 37 & 642 in my coat pocket (not at the same time ) when wearing pants with no pockets. I would never pocket carry without a holster in my pants pocket.
I use an Uncle Mike's pocket holster for my 642. They're ultra cheap and help keep lint and scratches to a minimum. For me, front pocket carry with the 642 is a no go with Levi's but works well in pleated pant and shorts. Fairly easy in a jacket if the pockets are large enough though.
I feel a pocket holster is a must. They resist printing and hold the gun in place for a draw. Only an idiot couldn't tell you were scrambling in your pocket; trying to grasp your piece the right way plus you could accidentally shoot yourself if you didn't have a holster.
The only gun I don't carry in a holster of some sort is a folding NAA .22 mag mini-revolver...
I agree with the previous contributors to this thread; I've carried a gun in a coat pocket all of two times. My hand was usually on the gun (trigger finger off the trigger and on the frame of the gun). The cut of the pocket was such that the gun was secure unless I climbed a fence, did a cartwheel or someother atypical physical activity. That said, I think carrying a gun entails the need for a holster in order to insure that the gun is protect (and you are too) from accidental discharges, the gun stays in one spot so your defensive draw is consistent and for other reasons.
I would also use a pocket holster if you are going to carry in your pocket.I use a nice Kramer holster for my J-Frame and don't worry about the gun gathering lint or change getting in the cylinder.Plus the gun stays in it's place inside the pocket.
When you carry in a pocket with no holster, the gun tends to rotate around, pointing in odd directions that you don't expect. Mostly off to one side or the other, but sometimes it rotates muzzle up and is awkward at that point, to say the least. :rolleyes:

A cheap uncle Mike's pocket holster is less than a meal at a fast food restaraunt. Worth the money, to me. It holds the gun in a position in which it's ready to draw, keeps it clean, reduces printing, and if you REALLY need to you can work a finger in there and fire it anyway if you are forced to do that through a pocket.
Thanks for ALL of your wonderful answers! You've voiced the concerns and thoughts that I've had going through my own brain - but it's always nice to get the views of more 'seasoned carriers' than myself.
I think a holster is a definite must - I asked 'cause I felt uneasy just pocket carrying (rotate different directions, safer w/ holster, etc.), but I wondered how common it was among you guys.
Thanks again!
I sometimes carry my G26 with a +2 ext in a coat pocket, the weight of the gun keeps it pretty stable, does not move around much.
I used to carry my Charter .38 snubbie in an Uncle Mike Holster, and now carry my Kimber Ultra Carry II .45 in an Andrews pocket holster - both in the front right pocket - as the sole occupant of the pocket. For all the reasons stated, I would NEVER carry without a pocket holster. Oh yeah, a pocket holster minimizes the wear on your pocket too.
Agree, agree, agree with use of pocket holster. A pocket holster:

1. COVERS THE TRIGGER. A must for me.

2. Stabilizes and orients the gun in the pocket for a proper carry and draw. It also helps distribute the weight.

3. Minimizes printing of a gun-like shape.

4. Protects the finish of the gun.
Maclean and I carry the exact same rig. I carry mine in Levi 565's and have no issue. You can see that something is in my pocket but you can't tell what it is. During the winter months, I carry it in my coat pocket, but still in the holster. It took a little while to get used to not using that pocket for other stuff but now it's second nature.
I carry a P-32 with Armalaser in a JNJ pocket holster in a pair of (Wal-Mart) denim, cargo jeans. This give me ample space to carry both my piece and spare mags. These also have zip-off legs, so when it gets too warm, I just zip off the pants legs, below the knees and I have a pair of walking shorts. When it turns cool in the evening, I just zip the legs back on.

This works very well for me and no one ever knows that I'm always carrying.

Baby Hulk - My opinion closely follows the description by P95carry w/ a bit added; proper position for presentation is important in addition to "breaking up" the outline/ shape of the pistol from someone elses perspective. Anymore, this is my most common carry method. I do most often carry an Auto pistol of one form or another but once in a blue moon I'll still tote my RB "J" Frame...

Hope this helps a bit...
I carry a little KelTec in my right front pants pocket without problems. Some large men carry the little Polish P64 in their pants pocket easily and without printing.
Everyone above has given great info/advice. I carry my 642 in a nemisis pocket holster at times. Nothing else goes in that pocket except the holster and the gun. Works extremely well in pleated front dockers when on the job. Much faster to aquire then when worn in the Galco belly band.
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