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I usually carry my Dan Wesson CBOB in cold months or my Kahr PM9 when it's warmer. Both are reliable and accurate. But lately, I've been checking out the CZ family of firearms and am impressed with the PRC and the RAMI 2075 in 9mm. Just having trouble making up my mind which one I want. (and I can't afford both)
After my usual reliablity check of 500 rounds I would want to put in my carry rotation.
Any of you that have owned both and can offer advise on which one you prefer, and why? I'm 6'6" and 255 pounds so I don't think I'll have any trouble concealing either one.
If you have any pictures of your favorite carry holsters for your CZs, it would also be appreciated.
Many thanks in advance!

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Both are so nice that I can't tell you to buy one over the other.

I've carried the RAMI for about 8 years now.

The PCR is a recent addition and actually my wife's gun.

We went to the range to test my new Micro Desert Eagle.380 and I tried the
PCR out with the new Tru-Dot nites as installed by CZ-USA.

Having shot this gun before..
The results were not surprising.

(Top Group in Torso)
10 rounds in offhand position (decocked on first shot)15 yards with generic ball ammo.

Notably, the gun has a superb stock trigger and combined with the new sights,
is even more impressive!

I would have had to try very hard to match that performance with my RAMI.

Unlike a RAMI 9mm, The PCR will handle the hotter loads with ease.

Feel free to take a look at all my pics a reviews on the CZ-ZONE
and my pic albums.
Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket

Good luck with your eventual CZ purchase.

Should you have any questions, I'm always available.


[email protected]
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