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Out-of-state gun buying

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I am planning a trip to Maryland soon and I was wondering if I can buy a handgun and have it sent to my local gun shop FFL? I thought I could but I am hearing different. Looking for some informative imput, much abliged to anyone who can help.
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I don't see why not. I bought my last 3 guns (2 1911's and a rifle) from out of state and had them shipped to an FFL here in Florida.
Good luck :smile:
Sure you just need to have a Copy of your dealers FFL to make it easier you can do it then get dealer to mail copy of his FFL but if you got a good feeling your gonna buy just take it with you

Then have it shipped to your normal dealer to pick up when you return super easy
I checked it out when I bought my glock. I was going to order it from out of state for a better price. It is perfectly ok as long as it is a gun that is legal in your state and it is sent to a Gun Dealer that can do the background check.
I got a copy of my FFL's license and took it with me to Vancouver, WA in April. I bought my Sig P239 there and gave the dealer the copy of the FFL. Monday I picked up the pistol at my FFL dealer the box contained a copy of the Washington dealer's FFL. I filled out the paperwork, my dealer called it in, and got approval. Later that afternoon I was punching holes in target with the P239. No problem.
You need a signed in ink, not a copy of a signed FFL from your local dealer. Make sure your dealer will aceept a gun shipped from where ever it is being shipped. If it is not a Maryland dealer then your dealer should accept from private parties. Not all do this in my experience. You may not ship the gun so far as I know because that would mean that you took possession of a handgun out of state which is a violation of law. If you buy a handgun from a Maryland dealer you will have a casing submitted to the state police, also I don't know that since you aren't taking possession in Maryland whether or not you will have to watch the video. Maybe RStickle or another subject of the People's Republic of Maryland can respond.

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