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Outstanding Springfield Customer Service

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I don’t usually write comments like this but it is well deserved in my opinion. I had bought a Springfield TRP in November on my last R&R. The front sight roll pin was loose and the front sight moved around in the dovetail. I called Springfield’s CS on 28 March and explained that I just got back into the country and the problem with the front sight. Before I got off the phone I had an email with all the instructions and a shipping label. I mailed it out that night and thought it would be a month before I saw it again. It arrived at the house 8 days later….FIXED! Springfield’s customer service is outstanding and second to none in my book. I return to Afghanistan in a couple days able to put a few rounds though her before I leave. Thanks again to Springfield for all the help and assistance in this case.
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Great to here I had great service from them also
Ditto, I had a POA issue with a Springer Loaded Micro Compact .45 & they handed everything faster, more professionally & so completely that I was (honestly) surprised. Nothing, NOTHING, but good things to say!
Another echo here. Three years ago, I called SA about my 1990-vintage 1911-A1 shooting low. I'd had the problem since the gun was new, but I was getting into club action matches and holding high was a pain. They not only put new sights on the gun, they put in a new barrel and bushing!

The same scenario was repeated with my newer TRP (do Springers all shoot low?), and since it has pricier night sights I expected some pushback (e.g., "we'll be happy to sell you a lower front sight..."). Nothing doing. Air freight paid both ways, new sights installed, the gun was out of my hands less that 3 weeks.

Customer service simply does not get any better than that!
Good to hear........ I'm looking at a XD9 to purchase........... :danceban:
...always a pleasure to deal with their CS...
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