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I just got a hold of my m&p 2.0 compact 3.6", and it is everything I hoped it would be. I already have a Safariland drop leg rig with a GLS holster I figured would work for it but I discovered it just plain doesn't fit. The GLS was what I used with my CZ PCR for training courses and trips to the range. I already ordered a Vedder IWB but was hoping for a range-oriented kydex holster as well. After searching a bit the selection seemed surprisingly thin especially for the 3.6". Any suggestions?

I know I like Vedder holsters but the price of their OWB makes me hesitate (nearly the price of 2 mags). I would rather not go cheap-o, but I certainly would not want to go above $60 shipped. I do not have interest in leather, serpa types, or hybrids. My drop leg rig has buckle attachments on it, in case there is something else out there that can use the system.

Thanks in advance!

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