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P250 SC questions

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Hello all, I am new to this site and thought some of you might answer a few questions I have regarding my new conceal carry sidearm.

My first question is this: I bought a Sig P250 Subcompact in .380. The weapon did not come with a rail attachment, but there are grip modules for sale that do have them. My question is, will a subcompact grip for 9mm work for the .380? The sites and stores online do not specify .380 caliber weapons, and I would like to have a rail to potentially attach a light or laser.

Second question, as my name depicts, I am left handed, and as such, finding holsters for myself becomes quite difficult. Is there a holster out there that someone knows for sure will work with the Sig P250 SC with the original grip module, and/or the one with the rail and is available in left handed configuration? The trigger guards are different, and the one with the rail might end up with a laser or light attached to it. Please don't just tell me a brand or a site that has 20,000 different holsters and say one of them might or probably would work. I've searched for at least a month now and cannot find anything definitive one way or the other.

I know, being lefty makes this (and most other issues with firearms) a bit more complicated and difficult to answer, but I would much like to be able to carry my new sidearm (preferably concealed, but would also carry open if needed). Thanks in advance for any assistance provided.
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Welcome to the forum. I can't answer your question about changing the frames for the .380 to one that has a rail. I have a 250SC 9mm without a rail with the rounded trigger guard and have always left it in this configuration. A quick call to the Sig customer service number might be something to try if no one responds on the forum.

Regarding finding a holster - I purchased a right hand Clinger kydex 15 degree cant IWB. I checked their website and they also make one for lefties. They make one for both the 250SC with and without rail. There are probably others around, too.
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