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Para 14.45

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Have a neighbor with a well used Para 14.45.
Has no price in mind. I will make an offer when I have some idea about it's value.
Can anyone start conversation?
One gun book says about $400.00. I would say about 50 percent finish in 45 calibre.(caliber)!
Thanks for opinions in advance!
Tom in Oregon TKH
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In good condition, $400 would be a smoking deal for you. But 50% finish sounds like a pretty beat up gun. If it is a project gun to rebuild, $400 might actually be a little much to get back any investment. What do the internals look like? If this is just a refinish, you can add about $120-150 for your total investment. $550 for a rejuvenated Para is a fair deal, but again this doesn't include any r&r of internal parts.
Is it holster wear? If so it might have been carried a lot but not fired alot
Is it a Canadian Para ("calibre") or a Carolina Para ("caliber")? There's nothing "wrong" with either, yet it'll give you an idea of age. Para 1911 variants are well-built and were once pretty well-respected. That's a high capacity (fat-frame) variant. Mags, I believe, are proprietary. They're not too tough to find, but sometimes pricy. Does it come with spares? That hints of competition which can mean major component wear. If it fits your hand (too fat for mine) I'd try at $475 and stop at $525.
I don't have a clue as to what the gun is worth but I'd offer him $300 and tell him 'it's probably worth more but only $300 to me plus I wasn't even looking for another gun'. My guess is he would take the 300 bucks and be done with it if it's that well seasoned. If he snorts and rolls his eyes, I'd walk away.
What is the serial #? That would give us an idea if it is the Canadian version or the Domestic Version.

Mine is RHxxxx - it was made in 1993
I can't tell you a price but I have shot one. A friend has a Carolina built Para 14/45 Black Ops Edition and it is a great shooting pistol. If I could find one at a good price I'd snag it.
The gun in question was made in Canada, but right now I can't see the serial number.
I will get into the safe today and forward the first and last of the serial number.
I have possession, but have not exchanged money.
Great info members. I knew I could fine the info I needed here.
BTW! Glad to see the Ghost is sticking around, at least for the near future.
Have a great day. Tom in Oregon TKH
I would stay away form Paras, especially the ones made in Canada, but that is just me.
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