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Para Ordance 1911 Carry Gun :)

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I've been looking at this 1911 from Para Ordance, looks like a great gun overall. I'd gladly use it as a carry gun :) What do you guys think of it?

Firearm Gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

Firearm Gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory
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I own a para it's a great shooter, can't lie almost never carry it (too big mines full sized) any gun over about 6.5 starts to dig into me somehwere or another... Firearm Gun Trigger Gun accessory Gun barrel

they have a proprietory extractor so not all 1911 parts are interchangable..never had a misfire or fail to feed with any ammo if it was smaller would carry with confidence, but i have to many other slightly smaller options..woould recommend a para to anyone looking for a high quality made in america gun..
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Is that a single, or double stack pistol?

I have a P14-45 which is a double stack and the only problem is the weight. The thing weighs over 3-1/2lbs loaded. Mine is 20yrs old and still shoots like a tack driver. I used to use it for IPSC.
Big gun to carry...but 45acp is a great caliber to carry...
True it is a big gun to carry at a full size 1911 but I can buy a Galco Classic Shoulder System for it :D I could care less about the weight of the gun. ;p
$ 1300 !! theres a whole range of guns you can get in that price man you have alot of options
Yea I know but I like the para alot :D
The stainless finish is the way to go. The paracoat (or whatever the heck they call it) finish is garbage. My para made it about 1 day before I started seeing holster wear.

I have an LDA CCO (officer frame, 4.25" barrel) and its been good, although i've only put about 400 rounds through it. Its reliable so far, and pretty accurate. I really like the Para, but wouldnt pay $1300 for that. Have you priced them to see what they go for in the real world? MSRP can be optimistic sometimes :yup:
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Yea I've been checking around on the prices all I've seen so far is around $1000 & up. :/
An oldie, but a goody P14-45

Lost count of rounds, shot about 400 rounds a month for 3-4 years. Shot less than 500 rounds in last 5 years. Still makes 1 large hole pretty much in the center of the target.
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Still a nice gun high pockets, aslong as you're accurate with it then the cosmetic's don't really matter. ;)
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