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Para Slim Hawg Mag extensions

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I just got a Para Ordnance Slim Hawg stainless .45. It takes a 6 round magazine. My finger slips off of the end of the grip. I am looking for grip extensions that would give me a little more area to grab. Do any of you folks know where I can get extensions for the 6 round, single stack, 1911 mag ? Or six round mags with existing extensions. Sabalo
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as far as I know you may have 2 options:
1. have someone drill and tap your mags for a base pad. you could then shape the base pad to your liking.
2. this may or may not work. I have a caspain compact frame ( 1/2 in shorter than officers) I think the slim hog is about the same frame dimensions as the caspian. what you can do is take a Wilson officers mag (brownell's #965-047-407)and use one of Wilsons adapter base plates that is supposed to be used to convert a full sized mag for an officers mag. brownell's #965-000-011. This set up will gain you an extra round but will also sit below the frame by 1/2 in.

Choice is yours and I am not 100% that the second option will work I know it does for the caspain which is also by the way the same as the detonics.

if you are interested in option 2 you could give me a measurement down the back of your mag from the feed lips to the bottom of the mag I could let you know better.

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