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Okay folks I've got to make a decision and who better to ask than the folks at

I've found for sale a Smith and Wesson 629-4. What's most important to me is that she's a prelock Smith. No stress cracks, cylinder release functions smoothly, it's been shot a bit, no front to back cylinder play, put it in full lockup and checked it out. Side to side cylinder wiggle is acceptable. Timing is fine, cylinder gap seems okay but I don't carry a caliper with me. Dirty but the finish is actually in really good shape. I was able to wipe most of the soot off with my fingertips and I have a feeling I could have it looking used and not abused in 10 minutes.

I know the guy who runs this pawn shop and he's a good guy to buy from. He wants $590 for it. Normally I could talk him down another $30 but I don't have the cash to wave under his nose. I'd have to make payments on it.

If it was much less I'd just go for it, but at that price I'm not sure it's really a good deal, maybe just a fair one.

Should I go for it, or let it go? Or is it kind of "eh... take it or leave it"?

Anyway I've got to decide in a hurry. I'm contacting a local gunsmith to see what he'd charge if I need some work done on it. That'll be part of my decision making process.
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If you want it buy it ... Cant say on prices on smiths not really up on them i might start looking around at prices since i have started seeing some i might like ..
I did some digging around. This is a Classic model, meaning a full underlug barrel. If it had been a Mountain Gun I would have bought it.

The 629-4 is regarded as a good generation of the 629 it seems, much like the 629-5. The price they are asking is a bit high for it not having box and papers, but I have the benefit of being able to personally inspect it and hold it before buying so I know exactly what I am getting.

For the same money I could get a brand new Ruger Super Red Hawk in a 6" barrel however. Of course it's not a Smith. A 629 is super easy to find parts and accessories for.

It comes down to, do I want it?

I'll sleep on it. Their revolvers normally don't sell very quickly at this shop. There's a perfectly lovely Ruger Security Six that's been there for months now at a very good price and if not for the fact I've no use for it I'd have bought it myself. I doubt very much it'll be gone tomorrow at 11 AM, and they only had an hour to sell it in today after I saw it.
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Okay I completed my research. While I realize no one cares, I did find some interesting things about the 629-4:

It came with both the old and new style extractor. I believe this one had the new style, which I'd rather have because it's cheaper to replace.

It's the first or possibly the second generation with the beefed up lockwork capable of handling the hot .44 Magnum loads. The 629-5 probably possesses superior lockwork however as it has the upgrades from both 1990 and 1998. The -4 saw a bolt block added to the lock work.

It's the last generation with the hammer mounted firing pin apparently.

It is the first generation to feature elongated cylinder stop notches apparently.

It seems to be the last generation before the MIM parts snuck in for whatever that's worth.

It's not hoss enough to stand a constant diet of 300 grain hunting loads, but that honestly does not bother me.
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If ya want it get it just rember if you want to shoot some flame throwers all the time get a ruger
Yeah but if I wanted a real hoss revolver I'd get a Super Redhawk in .454 or .480. For my purposes the lighter .44 Magnum loads would suffice for a trail gun. I imagine it'd take down a rabid coyote or wild cat reasonably well for a handgun load.

What I do like about the idea of a Magnum chambered revolver is that if I'm going to the mall, I can use the anemic .44 Specials which won't overpenetrate, but if I'm going to the state park I could load a hunting round. I don't like the idea of a firing a magnum round indoors, but I'd like the ability to launch one. The only thing that really irks me about the caliber is the lack of something like a +P .44 Special catridge, which would be ideal for my purposes.

Like I said, I'll just have to think about it.
Sounds good as long as ya realise that seen many a smith ruined by guys shooting the heavy loads
Euclidian, I sold my 629-4 almost the same gun but it did have the new style extractor and crimson trace grips on it for $700 in about 10 minutes at our gun show here in AZ this weekend. I can't shoot it anymore my bones won't take the recoil , but I it was the best wheel gun I've ever owned and I loved it's accuracy. For such a beast in magmuns it was dead on accuracte. My smith said the most important for this model is that the lockup be tight I put about 2000 magmuns through mine with zero problems. The 4 seems to command a premium here. Hope this helps.
That does help nighthawk. I'm no expert but I agree with your gunsmith. And it does make the price seem more reasonable. Crimson trace grips I've noticed don't go for much used, so basically whoever bought yours seems to have paid the $600 I'm considering plus $100 for those grips.

The lockwork on this one checks out. The funny thing is, this guy likes to shine up the bottomfeeders real nice and puts them on the top shelf where you can see them. He just kind of wipes off the revolvers and sticks them in the case somewhere. Like I said, they don't seem to be big sellers for him. You can pull one out of the case and see the filth on it sometimes. I think that's part of the problem. When they sell used revolvers at my local range they really polish em up good and they don't last long.

Edit: Found one strike against this gun. I'd be stuck using the factory sights. No one makes aftermarket sights for the Classic variant of the 629-4.

Edit again: I'm goofy. S&W sells the sights I'm looking for themselves.
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Check out Millett Sights for replacement sights for that 629 - they should have models to fit.

The price sounds high to me: around here (northern Louisiana) the stainless steel .44's tend to go for $450-$550 used, and they have to be in really top condition to get the higher end of that range. However, I don't know what prices are like in your area. Have you shopped around the auction sites to compare figures?

It's a nice gun. I own a heavy lug barrel 629-5 (Betty has the pic) and I have fired a few heavy lino loads through it. Sure, a .454 would be nice--they all would be nice--but for any animal, two foot or four foot in the lower 48 states, a Smith 629 should not be overlooked.

It really shines when proper handloads are sought.

Keep the spinning metal parts of the gun away from your lower gastric anatomy.
Yeah preacherman it's not the greatest price, but like I said I'm getting to actually see and hold it.

I noticed comparable guns in comparable conditions or slightly better, the same model or very similar, were selling for roughly 500ish on the auction sites with a couple starting at 450.

But when I add in the 20-30 dollars it costs for shipping, and the 25-30 dollars I'll pay for an FFL transfer, that typically 500 dollar gun turns into a 550 (or more) dollar gun I'm buying sight unseen from someone I don't know I can trust.
Well guess what. Even with just putting deposit on it, I talked the man down to $540. Actually that's a lie he talked himself down because he wanted to make the sale.

After I left last night they cleaned it properly because I had pointed out it was dirty. Apparently it was the former property of bewildered woman who had the thing sitting in a drawer for years. It was apparently kept for sentimental reasons at first, but it was making her nervous and she was glad to sell it off.

Now that it was clean and not covered in that film, I could believe their story. It looks good, probably had less than 1000 rounds through it, possibly much less. Trigger's good, timing seems good. There's not a tell tale sign of them all being Specials either. I think whoever shot this put nothing but magnums through it. Hopefully this June I'll take it home if not before.

So I got a gun that was in better shape than it initially seemed at a more competitive price from a seller I trust. My gunsmith quoted me some very reasonable prices too if I elect to have work done on it. I'm a happy shooter. :biggrin:
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Euclidean, Congratulaions on your new baby. I already miss my 629. Great gun.
Euc?? :hand10:
GRRRREAT FIND ya got there.
Was that 629 a 3" BBL gun?? I was brousing online around the place in Maine WWW.KTP.Com the other day and found a 3" Smith 629.I quickly placed it on HOLD for a closer look when I get there Wednesday or Friday... for 425.00.I hope it's one of those Lew Horton older they had the round butt and fluted cylinder...with wood grips.......I can't get any extra info fromt he guys at the shop BUT .I do know I haven't sen one in a very long time........I remember somebody here wanting one...wasn't sure if it was you :biggrin:
Yeah several of us did. This one is a 4" however but in my research I learned that the 4" barrel in this model, while not rare, seems to be uncommon, especially one with the full underlug.

I will however have to pay it off over a couple of months. I'm actually reconsidering leaving it at 4" now though because I really do like 4" barrels for ease of shooting. I started another thread asking about what to holster it in because it's only 1/16" longer than my 686, and truthfully the N frame doesn't feel gigantic to me at all. I've been playing around with my 686 in a Mika's IWB Holster to see if I could carry a 4"er. I found in that in weak side cross draw carry it's actually tolerable and almost comfortable in that cheap holster. I began to wonder, if I spent that $110 it would cost me to shorten the barrel on some good gunleather(or kydex maybe) instead, could it work?

I think a good holster in lieu of altering the gun itself might work well here. This is really not going to be my main CCW as my lifestyle just doesn't support it. I was looking for something I would like to carry two days of the week and for when I go visit the relations out in the sticks, and the rest of the time it would just be a lot of fun to have.

If it ever became workable for me to go armed in more places more often, I'll invest in something else that's not so off the wall. Plus the barrel on this one is the full underlug design like my 686 has, and in addition to looking good I bet it's easier to shoot. It might not work out as a carry piece but truthfully as a self styled revolver guy I need a decent .44 Magnum anyway.

If nothing else it'd be a great gun if I can ever find some events I'd like to participate in because 4" is the maximum length anyway in most of this stuff. It can be loaded mild or hot, and it's got a few little touches only someone who pays attention to guns could fully appreciate. The forged trigger is something I like just for its cool factor.

I'm a walking contradiction. I hate having so many different calibers to keep up with but I like so many different calibers.
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I also found a 3" Smith 65 round butt at Kittery for 255.00 I looked at it and it felt very tight with the usualy wear associated with a gun of that age.. I also found that Kittery WILL send pix of weapons you're interested in.......just need to contact them, and they will send..
I posted this in another thread, but maybe you can help me on a decision.. it's a 629-5 3" Rnd butt.. FIXED sights.anybody ever see one before? I think I'm going to snag it .the price is 425.00.. wonder what ya think.. :biggrin:

You can't tell it but the 686 is clean and the 629 is still sorta dirty, which I will remedy in short order. The hammer and trigger look like MIM in the picture it's so dirty (they're actually forged if you rub some of the gunk off).

The 629 may need a visit to the gunsmith for a tune up, but every initial examination indicates it's ready to fire. It's just dirty with very little signs of any kind of wear or tear.

I'm surprised by how relatively light the trigger is, and I'm assuming there's been no custom work on this gun as there is no sign of any. Then again I am an awful judge of how light or heavy a trigger is. Most semiautomatic triggers feel uncomfortably light to me, and I don't see what the big deal is about Ruger triggers.

It seems large and heavy until you actually grab it. It's surprisingly compact and light, relatively speaking. I admit it's not something I'd want to shoot hot magnum loads out of, but I intend to stick to .44 Specials and light loads and I think it will handle those very well indeed.

It's very comfortable and it points well. It's not as well balanced as the K or L frame but it's very confidence inspiring and comfortable.
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That's a REALLY NICE pair ya got there!! Got me lusting for a L Frame now (I've had several in 2.5, 4, and 6 inch) I've always enjoyed the L and N frame guns!! they look sooooooo cool in the heavy lug BBls.They feel well balanced and absorb the recoil well ........We're on a roll here!! we need more big bore pix. !! Got a good thread going, and sharing Fav handloads for hunting, targets, and defense would be good to keep it going very well.. :biggrin2:
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