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Pay Your Dues, People!

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Just a heads up, I've been delayed in doing it myself and just mailed it out: whatever activist organization(s) you ascribe to, be it the NRA, GOA, JPFO, or state organization, get those annual membership dues and contributions in the mail.

I'm trying to figure out a way to buy a life membership at some point, but I just mailed off my contributions to Gunowners of America and the Texas State Rifle Association for the year.

We've got some tough roads to hoe in 2006, and 07 and 08 aren't going to be any fun. They'll be even worse if we don't press issues now. I didn't send off just a whole lot of money, but if every gunowner in this country would just spend $5 a year to protect their rights we'd really have something.

Chip in. I'm a cheapskate and I found some money.:hand10:
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The NRA and GOA both allow you to purchase a life membership on a payment plan. I am patron level in the NRA and Life member of GOA. I am an annual contributor to other groups as well. Most of us can find the money in the budget for things we really want to do. I know that some folks cannot, so that is why I upgrade when I can.

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