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Thought I'd put out a blurb with course updates. I've managed to find dates for an NRA Basic Pistol, a Handgun III and Tactical Handgun with Randy Cain. For anyone not familiar with Randy, he's probably the best diagnostician of flaws in shooting fundamentals in the country and he will take you to a whole new level of ability. Here are the summaries with registration links but check the web site at if you want more complete details. As always, feel free to call or email if I can answer any questions.

April 8, 2006 NRA Basic Pistol- This 10 hour course offers a solid base upon which a student can safely build their shooting skills and includes several hours of actual shooting time on the range. All course materials including firearms, ammunition and targets will be provided.

June 17, 2006 PDT Handgun III- The intent of this course is to take the student to the next level beyond the basic classes. You will review gun safety, fundamentals such as marksmanship, sight alignment and trigger control and progress toward more advanced subjects. You will learn presentations from retention and the holster, malfunction clearing, speed reloading and you will be exposed to the mental conditioning side of defensive shooting with topics such as situational awareness, use of deadly force and the OODA loop. This 10 hour course will be taught through a combination of lecture, demonstration and shooting drills.

November 17-19, 2006 Cumberland Tactics Tactical Handgun with Randy Cain. Tactical Handgun is a complete introduction to the defensive use of the handgun. The comprehensive curriculum encompasses all elements of the 'Modern Technique of the Pistol' and introduces new concepts in tactical applications. The format provides a base in the fundamentals of marksmanship, tactical manipulation, the drawstroke, malfunction clearance, weapon retention, shooting on the move, moving targets, alternate tactical body positions, low-light shooting, and mental conditioning. Other topics include basic one man tactics, working with a partner, and an introduction to team tactics. This course is appropriate for beginners and is also recommended as a refresher for those with experience.

Thank you!

David Blinder
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