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Pearce Grips?

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Anyone have any feedback on Pearce grips for a 1911?

I have a Kimber Ultra Carry Stainless, and am looking to compensate for the lack of checkering on the front of the grip.

Anyone have any better ideas?

THANKS! :smile:
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Yeah,trade it for a CDP like mine.

Just kiddin'. Brownell's catalog has some of the little checkering sheets that you can put on the front strap. Also I have seen people use the very rough tape that you put on skateboards or use for non-skid on steps,etc. Caution: this is very rough. I have the tape on my .50 Beowulf to be used with gloves only. But if you want grip,this IS grip.

IMO, check to see if Brownell's has what you want,first. ---------
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