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Anyone that has lived in PA for at least a few years probably knows the story about act 192, the strengthened preemption bill that allowed citizens and organizations that had members within a municipality to sue to get illegal local laws removed from the books. The law also allowed for legal fees to be awarded if they won. That law was struck down by the supreme court because it contained two unrelated statutes.

Fast forward to this year, HB 2258 was introduced in June with 67 sponsors. It passed out of committee Sept 20th by a 21-6 vote and passed first consideration. Republican were confident they had a veto proof majority even after governor Wolf threatened to veto it.

Then something that has never happened in the history of the PA legislature happened.

On Sept 27th it was announced that Democrats had introduced 242 amendments to the bill. And what a list! From an assault weapon ban, high capacity magazine ban, lost and stolen and even a total registration of firearms amendment. Here's a compiled list of all the amendments so far.

The more interesting part is only 30 representatives introduced these 242 amendments, most of them from Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, two of the worst offenders of preemption violations.

The Democrats are scared to death that this bill could pass and become law. These cities would then have to repeal their illegal ordinances or risk being on the hook for massive lawsuits. They had no 'legal' means to stop the bill so they decided terrorism was their only remaining option. They know that the Republican leadership is leery about just tossing all the amendments out in an election year, something that can be done via parliamentary procedures. They also know there's no way the house is going to sit through trying to hear and vote on all these amendments as it would bring Harrisburg to a standstill. So instead of sucking it up and allowing the bill to come to a vote they pulled this unprecedented stunt. It has become 'by hook or by crook' for the Democratic party.

These 'political terrorists' need to be held accountable for their actions! At the same time Republicans in PA need a good ripping too. They need to be told in no uncertain terms that we will not allow these type tactics and they must fight back. They are the majority and they need to start acting like it.

So if you live in Pennsylvania, get off the couch. Pick up the phone and start calling legislators and do it NOW. Also contact house leadership and let them know they are on notice. Your god-given rights are a few more incidents like this from being taken away from you and I mean that more than anything I have meant before. Either you stand up and be counted or trust me, the terrorists will win.
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