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Percentage of Adults With Carry Permits in in "Shall Issue" States

I am reproducing in its entirety a post by Ken Grubb which appeared this morning on the PA-CCW mailing list. This ranks each of the "shall issue" CCW states by the percentage of adults who have a permit to carry a concealed firearm.

After crunching through the 2000 Census and 2003 Census estimates, the numbers in Chris Bird's Fourth Edition "The Concealed Handgun Manual", some official sources online which are a little more current, and filling in a few gaps from a 1998 CCRKBA report, the winners are:

Percent of Adults with a License to Carry in each Shall Issue State

7.45% South Dakota
6.79% Indiana
6.76% Pennsylvania
5.23% Connecticut
5.12% Washington
4.34% Idaho
4.10% Utah
3.86% Oregon
3.45% Tennessee
3.15% Alabama
2.72% Florida
2.71% Kentucky
2.67% Wyoming
2.41% Maine
2.18% Arkansas
2.11% Virginia
1.94% West Virginia
1.76% Arizona
1.75% Oklahoma
1.70% Montana
1.70% Michigan
1.62% Texas
1.39% South Carolina
1.34% North Dakota
1.00% North Carolina
0.86% Mississippi
0.62% Louisiana
0.58% Nevada
0.45% Minnesota
0.36% Missouri
0.33% Ohio
0.20% Colorado
0.17% New Mexico <-- Slight correction 12/22/04, per Ken Grubb

Honorable mentions go to Georgia and New Hampshire. These are "old wave" Shall Issue states--IOW, pre Florida. Because issuance is scattered among many local agencies, no one in either Georgia or New Hampshire is collecting statewide numbers on how many folks are packing. Seems reasonable to place 'em somewhere between the two statistical extremes among the other "old wave" states (South and North Dakota). However, if I were a bettin'man I'd put 'em near the top, and probably above Washington.

Total licensees among the Shall Issue states (excluding Georgia and New

Total population living in True Right To Carry states (Alaska and Vermont):
1,267,925 (0.44 percent)

Total population living in Shall Issue states:
185,039,207 (63.75 percent)

Total population living in May Issue states:
81,350,620 (28.03 percent)

Total population living in No Issue states:
22,588,641 (7.78 percent)

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I've personally added 400+ to Virginia's rolls in the past few years. Of course that didn't even raise Virginia's percentage by a hundredth of a point. :frown:

Still doing my part. :cool:

Thanks for posting this info. Very interesting. I think part of Virginia's low percentage, is that we have a lot of people compared to some of those states, and a large urban population.

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For those of you not familar with Missouri's situation, we are shall issue, but St Louis County, St Louis City, and Kansas City are exempt (for the time being) from issuing permits. These are the largest population centers in the state.

However, Missouri does recognize ALL out of state permits, so most folks here just went that route. The percentage listed doesn't reflect this - which I'm sure is a significant percentage of our carrying population. Still, very interesting to see the stats and how the states compare to each other. :smile: Steven

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Just because someone has a permit does not mean they carry.

In some states, the permit makes gun purchase easier. Two states like that are Indiana, and Michigan.

Too many of my aquaintances have permits but carry 'only when expecting trouble..going out of town..when the moon is full....etc.'

They all need to read Tom Given's little editoral.

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what editorial???


Originally posted by KC135
They all need to read Tom Given's little editoral.
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