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I mentioned the proliferation of the gun magazines (periodicals) in the bookstore the other day and two of them really looked great.

It might be a fun idea to start a thread where we post things we read in print. So if you'd like to contribute, please include the name of the magazine, the article title, the page number and the author if you can.

Magazine Title: Guns & Weapons (for Law Enforcement)
Feb-Mar 2017

Athlon Outdoors

Author: Massad Ayoob -

Title: Preventing Ambushes. Nine real cases highly lessons police officers must learn to survive.

Great discussion and resource reminding us of some of the recent cases and details. Analyzed in a way that only MA can do.
pg 4
Same magazine:

Column : Sig Sauer's new Air gun line - replicating the Sig P226 line for training purposes....
Author Dennis Adler
(as many know this is the platform used )
The Sig P226 ASP - pellet firing trainer
The Sig P226 X-Five - BB firing trainer.
Also available the Sig P250
in .177 pellet

Page 28
He thinks the BB firing X-Five is the most authentic in terms of handling and feel.


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