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Personal calendar?

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After doing a search on the calendar function, it looks like there's options for private and public events (or something to that effect). Can't seem to locate any instructions on how to control which type event I'd be creating.

I'd like to add a few reminders to a private calendar as this is now my primary internet hangout (big surpise, huh? ) but don't want to clutter the public calendar with my personal stuff - thinking mainly about permit expiration alerts and such like what PDO offers.

Any instructions wil be greatly appreciated,
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Never explored that Jack - so can't suggest much. Bumper may know.

It would appear that entries might be common to all - but if only logged to you then that I guess is what you need. In User CP there is a bit under ''miscellaneous'' called 'event reminders', so maybe entries are personal.

Hope for some info for you later.
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