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Post photos of your home and telecommute rigs if you can!

I'm awake again at 5:00am cooking breakfast for my wife who is driving to work in Atlanta. You can tell I'm in the kitchen by the amount of food I'm wearing, LOL. I'm lucky enough to be telecommuting today. I don't even check the mailbox or take out the trash without my EDC rig on me. I use this Pistol Wear PT2 holster designed for joggers which has plastic inserts that cover my trigger and a strong elastic belt that secures the gun whether sitting, laying down or on the move. It even stores my extra mag. Takes about 2 seconds to draw this rig but that's a decent compromise for having the gun anytime I need it. I also sleep with this rig when camping or traveling casual with sweat clothes or pants that don't have a belt. You look very UN-armed walking around with this rig.... I bought one for my wife for walking the dog but I wear mine more than she does. I have a couple of IWB holsters that work well too. Even have an ankle holster but this is my favorite.

I also have an example of a gun stash with a laser equipped LCR-357 near the front door for those times when I may be caught off guard or forgot my gun. I can shoot Lincoln off a penny with that revolver from these distances and a couple extra speed loaders are hiding there around the bottles where can't be seen. You can't see this gun even standing over this furniture and looking directly down at it. At the same time you can slip your hand back there and grab it very efficiently and lightning fast. Best of all you are naturally positioned behind cover.

I've found carrying a gun around the house and sitting it on your telecommute desk always leads to it being left there, sometimes overnight. So I always wear it now. Except when I use the restroom. Where I again have to remember not to leave it laying. I also never answer the door, take trash, get mail or anything without my gun, period. Even letting the dog out to pee... ARMED. I also dont just yank doors open. I look out first....

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