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Pimp my shotgun

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My dad is undergoing serious surgery late this summer. He's going to be miserable afterwards and we're going to do some things to help cheer him up.

He purchased not a year ago a Mossberg Persuader. He had every intention of putting all sorts of bells and whistles on it, like a light and a shell side saddle and all sorts of that stuff. It's pretty much box stock right now.

He likes to do that. He's the type of guy who will buy a $99 SKS and put $450 worth of accessories on it. He loves EBGs (Evil Black Guns). Why? It's fun.

While he's in the hospital we want to pimp his shotgun. The shotgun must still be usable. He actually did buy it to have for personal and home protection. I know he'd really like to add a light. I'm wondering if there's some kind of tactical shotgun case to go with it. Any suggestions?
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I would put on a pistol grip/stock combo (looks bada**)

Take a look at this for the light...replaces the forearm with a Surefire molded in.
If you're going to go the pistol-grip route, get a top-folding stock.

The ATI ones are decent even if they do kick like a mule on a Mossy with heavy loads.

Then again, if used for real, recoil is the least of anyone's worries. :)
How about one of the Ar-15 style 4 or 6 postion buttstocks want one for my winchester and get one of the tac slings for it ..
If I were going to dress up a Mossy 500 I already had, and money was no concern, here's what I would do:

- Mossberg ghost ring sights
- Meprolight replacement front sight with tritium insert for ghost ring sights
- Surefire 623FA or 623FGA replacement foregrip with integrated light
- TacStar 6-shell sidesaddle
- Good sling

If I wanted a pistol grip, I'd get a Speedfeed Tac IV stock or an ATI 6-pos AR-15 style tac stock and pistol grip.

If I wanted to improve the patterning, I'd send it to Vang to have the back-bore and forcing cone extension job. Maybe the porting.
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good suggestions. For my short barrelled shotgun I use a short AR case. Lots of optioins out there.
I dont lilke the speedfeed PG stocks. The PG just feels unnatural, and on the Mossberg the reach to the trigger is too far. I had one on my Mossberg for about a day.

I tend to avoid ATI, I may try the ACE M4 stock on my 590, however its pricey. I dont have a sling on my 590 for the simple reason I havent changed the stock. If I go with an M4 stock I'll probably use a single-point sling.

If/when you put a side-saddle on it, dont forget the lock-tite. And record the serial number, the side-saddle blocks it.
Actually since starting this thread I've thought about it, and I noticed he has a tendency to have a "paratrooper" theme. He has commented before he hates Speed Feed stocks.

I'm thinking some variant of a top folding stock, a 6 round Sidesaddle, some kind of lighting option, a good sling, and a bandoleer outta do it. The bandoleer is just to be silly.

I once asked him why he bothered to mount so many silly accessories (bayonets, for instance) and he said "Because I can..." :tongue:
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