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Pistol Safe-VLine or Fort Knox?

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I was wondering if anyone has experience with these two handgun safes that use mechanical locks instead of electronics an/or biometrics? I am looking at getting one of them but I am not sure which one would be the better out of the two. As far as I can tell the Fort Knox is taller and has gas shock assisted opening mechanism and a wrap-around lid instead of the top fully covering the bottom. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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Fort Knox preferred

I shopped several and ultimately purchased the Fort Knox. I was very impressed with the simplicity and durability of the pistol safe. My main goals were: preventing a burglar from having quick access to deadly force, and giving myself quick access to my loaded weapons if necessary. This safe accomplishes both tasks. There's no way a casual burgler can defeat this pistol safe in a timely fashion.

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No actual experience with either brand mentioned. When I was in the market I looked at quite a few and settled on a Cannon brand safe. Have not regretted the choice.

*Sorry, disregard what I posted, missed that you were looking at pistol safes, not full size safes.*
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